About Me…Updated!!

Hi everyone…My name is Nicole and I am so happy you stopped in for a visit.

This summer marks 20 years that I have been married to my very best friend.



Jon makes me laugh out loud and holds me ever so close when I need a moment to cry. Jon is a warrior who leads, protects and guides our family. Jon is also a worshiper who loves to lead others into the presence of Jesus Christ our Lord. I heard many times people say Sunday morning worship should be an overflow of what God is doing in our lives through out the week. I can say without a shadow of doubt the Jon is in continual state of worship whether he is serving us at home, serving others at work or meeting the needs of those in our community.

I am learning how to be a stay at home mom…This one is truly not my gift however it is the season in which I am braced to walk. Jon and I have three wonderfully talented and gifted children. Our children love the Lord and believe within themselves they are created to worship and serve others.

Our first born son, Brandon is the ultimate giver!! He will give you the shirt off his back and then look for another shirt to give to you or someone else. Brandon is a freshman in college and serves on the media team at church, helping to record the worship services. September 2009 Brandon joined me and about 40 others from our church on a mission trip to Uganda. I believe God has created Brandon with a heart of compassion and it would not surprise me to see him spending his days serving on the mission fields.


Our daughter Selena, aka Pretty Princess loves music with her entire being. She plays the clarinet and sings whenever she is not sleeping. Selena is loyal to her friends and believes that trust and open communication is the key to loving friendships.  Selena serves in our local church as a Jr. Volunteer in the 2-3 yr old class.


Our youngest son Benson, aka the family comedian and mini Trump. Benson also has a heart for serving others. He loves helping in the pre-school class as the media and tech support person. Benson loves to play the saxaphone but his greater passion is football. Benson is the one the family has to pay attention to when we play strategic board games…he likes to drive up the prices and buy the most resources so snuff out his competition.


I serve our local church as a Deacon’s wife, administrative assistant to KidzPlayce (children’s ministry) and women’s small group leader. I hold a MA in Marriage & Family Therapy and Professional Counseling. I have been on various mission trips state side and abroad including Venezuela & Uganda. In May 2013 I am going on my second mission trip to Africa, Nairobi Kenya.

If given a million dollars I would first tithe and then establish a maternity home for teen moms and young women. I am most passionate about helping women understand their value as a person. I enjoy sitting with women and helping them discover who they are in Christ.

I am totally addicted to CrossFit and hot chai tea. In my spare time you will most likely find me reading a book…not folding laundry!!  To really get to know who I am follow me on Twitter, Facebook or simply send me an email. If you are local lets meet for coffee, tea or lunch!!

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